Cyberpunk Slang, Jargon, and Common Terms

Common terms on /cyber/

Jack in
Used: /cyber/, Shadowrun, Gibson, numerous works
To connect. Most frequently involves plugging a computer or device directly into your head. When used with regards to real life, may have the connotation of using VR or similar technology.

Used: Shadowrun, /cyber/
Friend, pal, bro. Could have hostile connotations, or could be casual.

Used: Everywhere
Short for Corporation

Used: /cyber/
Old wordfilter for "shit". Derived from Shadowrun's "Drek", which has the same meaning.

Used: EYE: Divine Cybermancy, /cyber/
Currency in EYE. On /cyber/, wordfilter for "money".

Used: Shadowrun, lainchan
Like coffee, but shitty and made from soybeans. On lainchan, wordfilter for "shit".

Used: Gibson, Shadowrun
A large, densely-populated metropolitan area. In Gibson, a specific region on the east coast of the United States. Implies a low standard of living and all kinds of grimy or shady activity.

Used: /cyber/
Cool, awesome, badass, rad, and a host of similar terms. Wordfilter on /cyber/ for "cool".

Used: /cyber/, the 80s, Tribes (game)
Wordfilter for "faggot". The most faggotrocious wordfilter on the site.

Used: /cyber/, /g/, freetards, IRL
Any corporate software, network, or system that sends and receives information to/from an untrusted third party (i.e. all of them). IRL, a network of compromised computers that perform tasks for their controller.


Used: IRL
Freezing temperatures.

Used: IRL, Gibson, Shadowrun, numerous others
Depending on context, can mean assassination/murder, or equipment that interfaces directly with the brain.

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