William Gibson

Easily the most important and influental cyberpunk author. Sometimes calle the Father of Cyberpunk, and for good reason. He was the first author to win the Hugo, the Nebula and the Philip K. Dick awards in one year all for a single book (Neuromancer). His prose is absolutely fantastic. He also invented the term "Cyberspace".
If you read anything at all on this page, make it Neuromancer. Burning Chrome places a close second.

Bruce Sterling

Excellent cyberpunk author.

Neal Stephenson

As far as I'm concerned, Stephenson is incredibly overrated. People flip out over Snow Crash, but I thought it was a shit book that couldn't decide if it wanted to be purely parody or a serious cyberpunk story. As a result, it did neither well. It just kinda failed at everything it did, except reveal Stephenson as a "KATANAS CAN CUT THROUGH ANYTHING" weaboo. But enough people have raging turboboners for him that I'll keep him on the list.

Rudy Rucker

John Shirley

Lewis Shiner

Walter Jon Williams

George Alec Effinger

Richard Kadrey

Pat Cadigan

Jack Womack

Short Story Anthologies

Misc. fiction

Proto-cyberpunk fiction

Stuff that came around before cyberpunk was actually a thing, but had influences or similarities.

Phillip K. Dick

"Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" is what the fantastic movie Blade Runner is based off of.

William S. Burroughs

J. G. Ballard

Alfred Bester

Thomas Pynchon

Harlan Ellison

Michael Moorcock


Dysopian Fiction

Post-cyberpunk Fiction

Works written after the intial cyberpunk boom of the 80s, a lot of them specifically address issues raised by critics of the original cyberpunk movement and deal with a more diverse kind of future.

Charles Stross

Cory Doctrow

Richard Morgan

Paolo Bacigalupi

Jeff Noon


Cyberpunk non-fiction

Sociology and Cultural Studies

Mark Dery

Marshall McLuhan

Douglas Rushkoff

R.U. Sirius

Alvin Toffler

Literary Criticism


Jaron Lanier

Howard Rheingold


James Gleick

Ray Kurzweil

Steven Levy

Marvin Minsky


Jean Baudrillard

Arthur Kroker

1337 Computer h@x0ring

'Zines and Magazines